Mature, Seattle-based Companion


I am Isabel…

I offer you a refuge from a world that does not allow men the opportunity to be fully expressed as whole beings with needs for touch, nurturing, or emotional expression.

In the presence of my loving attention, relax, and put down your burdens as stoic providers of safety and stability. Allow yourself to feel accepted for who you are. My maturity and depth, grounded in a wide range of life experiences, assures you of my capacity to hold you in unconditional affection.

I’m in my early 40s and a natural redhead. I have lived abroad, done the marriage/housewife thing, have a graduate degree, worked in the corporate world, trained as a Sexological Bodyworker, and actively practice non-dualistic Shaivic tantra.

I enjoy cooking, reading, meditating, yoga, and hiking.

Lastly, I am occupied with a number of projects. My schedule is limited.


Sacred Intimacy / Companionship

This is quite simple! Spend time with me! I’m that intelligent, fun, adoring girlfriend. You know, the one who got away. I would have made an excellent wife, except I valued my freedom more than commitment and a ring.

(90-minute option is for returning friends only)

2 Hours – $650

90-Minutes – $500


Before our first meeting, there is a simple screening process that can be done via email.
I will accept one of the following methods for screening:

Two references from other providers

– please include their name and current contact information such as email address or phone number.

Employment details

– name of firm where you are employed, along with an email and office phone number or a Linked-in profile or other professional website.